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Investing in Silver: Why, How and Tips

Silver is definitely a hot commodity today. There is an increasing trend in its intrinsic value making it a great investment. If you are looking for another way to invest your money, consider this precious metal. By adding this into your portfolio of bonds, stock, and mutual funds, you are introducing a tangible asset making your portfolio more diverse and helps protect it against fluctuations in value of just one asset. Here are other reasons why investing in silver are a great idea:

  • Economics of precious metals – the economic forces that increase or decrease the value of silver is very different from those that affect other financial assets. Therefore, a decline in value of one of your assets will not affect the value of your silver because it works in a different economy. The independent movement of value of such precious metals over your other financial assets decreases the overall volatility of your portfolio helping promote balance.
  • Declining value of dollar – the value of US dollar has consistently declined over the past years and is foreseen by some to continue to do so in the coming years. But even if this occurs, silver is said to have “hedge over inflation” ability. To state as an example, in the years 1971-1981, the value of US dollar declined more than half but at the same time the value of silver increased by over 5 times. This means that while economies fluctuate, recess, and expand, precious metals are not affected and can therefore help lower the risks of your investment portfolio.
  • Importance in allocation of assets – no matter what type of investor you are, precious metals like this should have an important part in the allocation of your assets. Experts even suggest that 10-15% of your portfolio be dedicated to precious metals to have a secure foundation no matter how great or poor the economy is.
  • Ownership with ease – there is convenience and ease with investing in silver bullions. There is always that sense of security when you actually have that physical and tangible silver bullion within your hands. You know you are secured no matter what because you can easily buy and sell your bullions and earn a good amount of money any time.
  • Inexpensive investment – unlike many other investments, silver investing is definitely more affordable. It is more affordable than gold and it is often more affordable than buying stocks or bonds. But the great thing about this is that according to spot silver chart, silver’s value is continuously increasing. Therefore, you may buy silver today at an affordable price and be able to sell it in the future for double, triple, quadruple the price.
  • High demand in industries – silver among all the other precious metals is more in demand for industrial purposes which affects its value. It is used in imaging, jewelry, electronics, water purification, conductivity, and even in making coins. Hence, silver today is not only known as a precious metal or a piece of artwork. It is already all of these making it highly valuable in the market today.

Silver_bullion : stacks of pure silver bars on piles of bullion

How to Invest in Silver

Now that you know various reasons why you would want to invest in silver, listed below is how you do the investment properly.

  • Education – it is very important that you educate yourself about the spot price of silver. Check out the silver spot chart regularly to check the trends and value of silver. You can easily find this online so you know that daily value of pure silver per troy ounce on a daily basis. The spot price fluctuates by the minute so checking it every now and then can be a good idea.
  • Start shopping – online retailers and local shops usually have great silver items selections. Here you can find bullions or bars which are a great investment piece as they are pure silver – no alloys were mixed yet. Look for the .999 stamp on the silver item you are thinking of purchasing to guarantee its authenticity. The .999 stamp signifies that it is made of 99.9% pure silver.
  • Look for rare items – the rarer your silver items are the more precious they become. This is why educating you about silver beforehand is considered necessary. This allows you to know what rare silver items there are, so when you start shopping you know what to look for. There are many rare silver coins out there which have the best value. For US coins, look for ones that were produced in 1964 and in earlier years. For Canada coins, look for ones that were produced in 1967 and earlier. For UK coins, look for ones that were produced in 1946 and earlier.
  • Invest in stocks – if you do not want the hassle of buying and owning silver items, investing in silver stocks is an option you can take. This is called exchange-traded funds that allow you to own stocks of silver without ever owning the physical silver items.

Tips for Investing

Here are a few helpful tips to invest in silver:

  • Always read the great silver spot chart so you are constantly updated to trends and current values of silver. Remember, the spot price of silver changes every minute so if you are serious about making an investment in silver, doing this can definitely help you.
  • It may also be helpful to look on the history of the silver market and previous prices. This will help you create generalizations about the trend and forecast where the market is headed.
  • When buying coins, make sure the price given to you is close to the spot price. It can be more than or less than but make sure they stay close to it.
  • If you want to invest in exchange-traded funds instead, use the help of an online stock brokerage to minimize costs.

Silver is truly a great investment piece and helps create balance in your investment portfolio. So consider investing in this and you will certainly see a growth in your assets in the future.

Make Money Investing in Silver


Silver is one of the few precious metals out there that will always have some intrinsic value. It is a finite resource that is slowly depleting and therefore, its value will continue to increase overtime. Since time immemorial, silver has always been used as a form of currency to trade and purchase commodities. Hence, as it sources continue to deplete, this metal will become more valuable and its currency value will increase. As of 2011, the value of silver has already reached its all time high in the last 31 years selling for $49.21 for every troy ounce.

Will It Continue to Rise?

As mentioned above, since it is a finite resource that is valuable to people, it is only logical that the value of silver will continue to rise. Hence, investing in silver is definitely a great idea as overtime, the value of silver items double or even triple in price. But it was only recently that the value of silver experienced an increase. This is because one of the main uses of silver was in photography to develop photos. There is a great demand for silver in the industry to develop pictures. But with the introduction of digital cameras, the demand for it became lower that the price of silver was floating between $4 and $5 for every troy ounce. That is definitely more than 300% lower than its value today.

Many economists of today also believe that this precious metal will not be able to hold its present value. Being priced way beyond it has been in the last three decades, many of them are anticipating the decrease of its value because of the lower demand.

But not everyone can see this downside. There are many silver investors who are optimistic about the increasing trend with silver prices. Though commercial use has steadily declined over the past few years, there are still plenty of uses for silver that makes it valuable. And many of these investors believe it can even surpass the $100 for every troy ounce mark. The spot silver chartis a good basis you can use to check the trends in prices for silver to really know if you are making a good investment or not.

How is Silver Used?

The various uses of silver greatly affect its value in the market. The more it is widely used, the greater the demand, the higher its value will be. Today, silver may not be as widely used for commercial purposes as it was before but the silver market is still continuously going strong for the valuable uses it still serves for people. Here are some of them:

  • Commercial uses – most people immediately think of jewelry and coins when they hear of silver. But in reality, there is so much more to this precious metal than just that. It has various commercial uses until today that not many people realize. It is used in manufacturing appliances because it has a very low resistivity. The medical industry is also extensively using silver due to its antibacterial properties. It can also be commonly found in the photovoltaics of solar cells and solar panels. Since solar energy is gaining more popularity and demand these days, it can also mean an increase in demand in silver which will definitely increase its value.
  • Jewelry – the most common and obvious use of silver is for making jewelry. Its polished elegance appeals to a wide audience. But for many people gold is still more favored. However, there is a growing population of silver aficionados because of the metal’s clean lines and polished elegance. It is also gaining immense popularity as it is more affordable than gold. Hence, a piece of silver jewelry can be exquisitely designed and created while at the same time remain affordable – perfect for people looking for a great jewelry piece that will not break the bank. Tiffany & Co. is a testament that silver is a metal that can be exquisitely molded to create stunning pieces that can surely rival gold.

There is definitely more uses to silver than just these. These two are just the most common uses today. The more silver jewelry and the more it is used for commercial purposes, you can be sure that the silver spot chart will continue to increase.

Ways to Invest in Silver

In case you are interested in investing in silver, there are several ways you can do this. You don’t have to invest in solar panels, solar cells and even appliances just for the silver it contains. There are other things you can purchase instead if you want to invest in silver.

  • Silver Bullions – this is definitely the easiest and simplest way to invest in silver. You can purchase from a mining company any amount of silver bar you want. For example, purchase 10 troy ounces of silver bullion bars for $250 (if value per ounce is $25). Then check the great silver spot chart everyday to see its value increase or decrease. Track its value and when it has reached the price per ounce that you think will make your purchase valuable sell it or turn it into jewelry and sell it.
  • Silver coins – this is more volatile than silver bullions because there is added value to its rarity. The rarer the silver coins you have the more valuable it becomes. You can purchase this from any country but make sure you have the document stating how much silver the coin contains for authenticity.
  • Exchange-trade stocks – this is only ideal for people who want to invest in silver but do not want the hassle of buying and owning the silver pieces. There are exchange-trade stocks you can purchase instead that will give you the security of having silver investments without actually owning the physical silver items.

Silver is surely a hot commodity right now. According to the silver spot chart, its value is continuously increasing and is seen to even surpass that of gold in the future. If you want a good investment that can give you security, silver is surely a great idea.

Silver Trading Considerations

With the silver stock market continuously rising and falling at an unpredictable rate, the investors will most likely have a desire to look for possible sources of safe investments. One of the possible sources is this precious metal. While it is true that this metal is often considered as one of the less volatile sources of investments, most of the companies will likely take advantage of the clients who are in dire need for quick cash through the underestimation of the cost of silver. As such, determining the reputable companies for trading is extremely important to help you be successful in your endeavor.


Basics of Silver Trading

  • There are numerous ways that you can invest in the jewelry pieces. Among these methods, the most popular way to effectively invest in the discounted precious metals is to buy the coins. These silver coins may be those that belong to other countries. In this light, the investors can buy these commodities from different countries, including the following: (1) South Africa; (2) Canada; (3) China; (4) United Kingdom; and (5) the United States. For most of the investors, the discounted coins are viewed as a means to hedge the bets against inflation. Thus, this can serve as one of the profitable markets for the dealers. Eventually, this can lead to some less reputable people who flood the market using the coins.
  • Investing in silver in unpredictable economic periods may be considered as one of the usual financial strategies that investors take. Theoretically speaking, while the current value of the dollar continues to decline, the traders will then start to purchase the silver commodities to protect themselves from possible deflation. This has been considered as two fold effects on the current value of this precious metal. In this case, as the demand for the metal increases because of the declining dollar value, the current supply of the precious metal will most likely drop as it is gradually or instantly removed from the silver market. The clients who will purchase these precious metals early in the decline will see a form of return on their investment one way or another. This is because these precious metals that they have purchased in the beginning will be roughly worth more as the amount of demand for the metal continues to rise.


Selling Silver Jewelry Pieces

Whether you make that a point to purchase your own silver jewelry pieces or buy them directly from your preferred wholesaler, you can most likely find plenty of potential markets for your commodities. The sterling jewelry is usually always in high demand because of its exquisite beauty, its relatively inexpensive cost, and the versatility of the piece when it comes to fashion trends.

  • If you do not have an online trading account or an establishment where you can sell out your silver pieces, you should make it a point to use your own contacts and try selling jewelry to them. A good point to start selling is the set of home parties that you will attend in the near future. You may take part in an organization that holds home parties. Ideally, the organization can help you come up with the products and the materials that can help you get started with your business. You may also produce your own materials after determining what they are. At the party, you may invite the potential clients to look at your commodities and set up the events with your friends and their networks. This referral system can help you get more potential buyers in no time.
  • Another way that you can sell out your pieces is by renting a booth at the flea market or the local art fairs. You may maintain your mini establishment at an open air fair and other similar events. For this set up, you only have to pay for the table and other display tools. If these events are not expected for the next few months, you may rely on try fairs or other events even if they are not inclined to jewelry trading or art products. In this case, you can even have the upper hand in trading because your establishment will most likely be the only one that will sell jewelry. In this light, you can even enjoy trading monopoly.


Investing Silver Stocks

If you want to invest in the silver stocks, you need to know that the precious metal moves in a similar fashion as the rest of the commodity stocks. This means that they tend to move with the current price of the commodity that lies underneath. When the price of this precious metal are increasing, you can expect to reap benefits from the related stocks because the higher prices and the fixed production cost can eventually lead to higher profits for you.

  • If you want to use the stocks of the precious metal to emerge financially successful in the market, you have to use an online stock screener. This is typically free and accessible to most of the stock trading related sites. You have to use the screener so you can have an organized compilation of the list of the stocks for the precious metal. You may even limit your choices to a specific listing or price range, depending on your preferences. Most of the time, lower prices and smaller capitalization for these precious metals will yield to more stock profits that you may move to either direction.
  • Every time you evaluate the current profitability of the precious metal in the market, you have to exercise discretion. This is important because if the prices for the commodity get low, you can expect that the lowest cost producers will remain profitable at this point. The rest of the market will be losing money or curtailing the production and the prospecting to keep themselves financially afloat. You should also keep in mind that as the prices for these commodities increase, there will be more companies that can become profitable. Thus, they will most likely expand their prospecting and production of commodities from the precious metal.

Silver Market Trading

The silver jewelry undoubtedly has great value even if the piece is broken or outdated in style. This is because the real value of the jewelry lies in the precious metals themselves. In this article, you will discover more on how you can purchase and sell jewelry in the silver market. Also included in this article are some of the ways that you can perform if you are interested to perform online transactions for the jewelry pieces. You can have some pieces of information regarding the price fluctuations that surround these silver pieces. Knowing these facts can help you gain profit from selling and buying silver.


Trading Considerations

  • The silver market is generally regarded as the best avenue where you can place money while investing them for the long haul. However, there are other types of investments that you can yield that have similar or greater financial returns. The pieces of silver jewelries have been widely known as an outlet for the investors who are looking forward in diversifying their holdings with a stock that has some intrinsic value. This is not directly affected by a monetary policy of the country. In line with this, pieces of silver jewelry may be considered a commonly traded item. This comes with the other types of valuable resources in the market, including the following commodities: (1) platinum; (2) gold; and (3) oil.
  • The value of the jewelry pieces in the market is greatly determined by the demand of the clients who buy them. In this light, it will be helpful for you to determine what currently captures the clients’ fancy. Once you determined what they want to buy from the jewelers and other traders, you should work on creating means so you can get a hand on the pieces of interest before the competitors can even get their hands on the same types of commodities.
  • The speculators typically play an important role in determining the current prices of the silver. This is setting aside the industrial and the commercial demands that can affect the final selling cost. If the investors eventually determine that the silver jewelry pieces will go up soon, the market will surely make the prices of these pieces go up. This is in accordance with the expectations for the absolute prices for the raw silver. This is considered as one of the major concerns in silver trading.


Personal Trading

  • If you are interested in selling out jewelry in the silver market, you need to carefully decide on the silver jewelry that you will be willing to sell out. In relation to hits, you have to determine if the pieces that you will prepare for selling have distinct markings. For this task, you have to check out the inner parts or the clasp of the piece. If possible, you should contact the jewelry maker to make sure that you will determine the distinguishing characteristics of the pieces for selling. In personally checking out the pieces prior to silver market selling, you have to use a magnifying glass or a loupe. This is important because the marks will most likely be very light and very thin.
  • After checking out the pieces for silver market selling, you need to list down the important pieces of information concerning the pieces. If you can do it yourself, you should also indicate the absolute weight of the pieces. This can greatly indicate the value of the pieces of the silver jewelries that you plan to sell out.
  • If you want verification of the information that you listed out for the silver pieces, you should visit the nearest pawn shop or jewelry shop in your area so you can have them appraised thoroughly. You need to ask for the current weight of the pieces in grams. Also, asking for the approximate selling price can be a helpful guide for pricing for the silver market. Additionally, you may compare the prices with the daily online listings. This can also give you a good idea of what is currently hot for the clients in the market.
  • While in preparing for silver jewelry trading, you have to be careful of the possible scammers that may come across your way.


Online Trading

  • If you are interested in selling jewelry in an online silver market, you have to make sure that you have legitimate access to well known sites that can facilitate buying and selling silver jewelry for you. Relatively, creating an account for the online stock trading of silver jewelry is easy. For starters, you have to prepare funds that amount to at least $2000. This will serve as your margin account and your base fund in source in case you want to buy more silver pieces that you think will sell splendidly in the silver market. Aside from that, this can provide you with more flexibility with the site account even if you do not prefer to eventually utilize the margin.
  • You may use your pilot account on the brokerage account so you can practice performing some of the basic stock functions. In fact, you can know lots of things about selling and buying the trading stocks in the silver market simply by using your main and your practice account. To help you perform the trading functions more effectively, you should learn how to properly execute the limit order, the market order, and the stop order functions.
  • If you are not yet sure about the pieces of silver jewelry that you should buy and sell for successful trading, you are encouraged to conduct a research on the matter. This can help you check out the quotes on specific types of silver jewelries. Also, this can help you find the stock charts that you will be interested in. In line with this, you may use the online stock trading tools to help you organize your research more effectively.
  • If you are a greenhorn in the field, you should consult your online trading mentor regarding the concerns that raise your doubts in selling and buying jewelry.

Silver-Still A Great Investment

It’s obvious that silver has actually fared inadequately this year. But precisely how bad is bad? Since June drew to a close, news agencies have actually been quick to report the extent of the damages: the white metal has actually fallen 35 percent in the first six months of 2013 and is readied to record its worst performance in 3 decades.

Disheartening though that number could be, some market participants think that a turn-around is coming. Here’s a review why John Whitefoot, author and editor at Daily Gains Letter, and Sprott’s Thoughts’ David Franklin and David Baker believe that silver is gearing up for gains.

Economic unpredictability might buoy prices

In a recent comments, Whitefoot keeps in mind that although this year was expected to be “the year that silver restored its luster,” climbing up either as a hedge against inflation and a devalued dollar or on the back of industrial demand, “strangely” that has actually not happened.

Whitefoot believes that all is by no methods lost, stating that for contrarian investors– those who try to gain by investing in methods that go against traditional wisdom– “silver has never lost its sparkle– its role as a safe haven hasn’t already actually altered.” Clarifying on that idea, he clarifies that the US economy is still not particularly strong. For instance, the nation’s joblessness rate sits at about 7.5 percent, first-quarter GDP growth was “well below” incomes and expectations are not enhancing. Outside the United States, Portugal is dealing with issues and the Chinese economy is not doing excessively well.

These aspects, according to Whitefoot, suggest that “all of the ingredients for a rally are still set”– and based on the reality that the US Mint has offered 43.9 percent more Silver Eagles in the first half of 2013 compared to the same period in 2012, he thinks typical American investors can see that.

He concludes his piece with the statement that “as long as the global economy stays main and uncertain banks continue to print more and more money, silver will remain to be in need as a shop of value.”.

Industrial traders going long on silver

Taking a various approach, in a Sprott’s Thoughts keep in mind released yesterday, Franklin and Baker point out that hope for silver prices can be drawn from the reality that collectively, commercial traders– simply puts, big banks– have actually minimized their short positions from 259 million ounces in February 2013 to just 20 million ounces as of the Commitment of Traders (COT) report released June 25. That decrease “stands for the advancing investment of roughly 240 million ounces of ‘long’ silver agreements.”.

That is significant, state the writers, because industrial traders have “traditionally held substantially huge ‘brief’ positions,” meaning that they are “either hedging an existing silver position or betting that silver will diminish.” A change away from brief positions towards long positions can indicate that such traders are now preparing for a “bullish silver reversal.” Franklin and Baker think that this idea is more supported by the fact that industrial traders have actually likewise decreased their net short gold positions.

Like Whitefoot, Franklin and Baker end their writeup by recommending that these modifications in positioning might suggest that silver costs are set to hit bottom and turn around.

The result

Though silver has been the underdog up until now this year, there are at least two reasons that may will change. Those thinking about the white metal should think about watching on future COT reports along with economic conditions.

It’s no key that silver has actually fared poorly this year. Precisely how bad is bad? Considering that June drew to a close, information agencies have actually been fast to report the level of the damage: the white metal has fallen 35 percent in the first 6 months of 2013 and is set to tape-record its worst performance in 3 decades.

Franklin and Baker believe that this concept is further supported by the fact that commercial traders have actually also minimized their net brief gold positions.

Silver Investing—Now or Wait

The recent drop in silver prices will be only temporary.  A surge could come within the next 12 months.  Silver investment is for the long haul.  Just like diamonds and gold.   Unlike diamond and gold silver has an intrinsic industrial value.

Following is a refresher course for investing in silver.

The information below should provide a helpful overview about the things you need to go through to make a proper purchase of silver.

Take note of various investment forms.

It is strongly suggested that you take time to study or be familiar with the different ways by which you can invest in this precious metal. Basically, it can be bought in bullion bars, nuggets and even bullion coins. It is a good idea to browse online to gain much needed informationabout these forms. It is also advised that you consult dealers and retailers with regard to this matter.

After gaining an understanding on the benefits and corresponding drawbacks of investing in each silver form, you should be able to determine what can work best for your specific circumstance. Once you have decides on this matter, you can then move on to the next step which involves dealing with authorized retailers and dealers.

Find out where you can buy the silver.

There is a list of authorized dealers that you can refer to when deciding where to buy the metal. You can avail of the bar or coin forms from these dealers. What is important here is that you properly identify which ones have authorization and which ones offer a particularly risky transaction. It is in your best interest to avoid the latter at all cost.

One way of ensuring that you are transacting with a reputable dealer is to do a background check. You should look particularly into the years they have been in business. More information shall be available online and you should make an effort to get the real deal about the dealer before proceeding with the transaction.

Assess the purity.

Purity can determine the real value of the metal either in bars or in coins. And this is one of the matters that you have to be well educated about. This can help you determine whether you are asked to spend more when the bullion actually costs less. In other words, it is essential that you know how to identify purity to avoid being taken advantage of or risking more losses than gains in the investment.

The purity simply refers to the amount of silver present in the bullion. Some may indicate 999.00 which simply mean the bullion possesses 99 percent of purity. But in reality, others can be availed of higher purity.

Refer to the spot price of silver.

The silver spot price is used as a benchmark for the final cost of the bullion. And again, this is one of the things that you have to be well aware of. There are various websites that provide the information and you can simply check them out. Usually the spot price refers to the cost per ounce. Check out the conversions and make proper calculations before agreeing on the final prices for silver as offered by the dealer.

It is also advisable that you learn other methods of investing in silver. By educating yourself more about this investment method, you can come up with well informed decisions that can help determine your success in this kind of venture.




Investing In Silver

The Most Important Things to Know About Silver Investing

Silver is said to be the most volatile of precious metals this year. But despite the impact of economic issues in 2013 upon the silver business, it does not mean that a decline in silver prices is imminent. It is also speculated that silver will perform similar to gold in the years to come. On the other hand, silver investing can be more risky than trading bonds and stocks. It will help to analyse what the silver spot chart says, and formulate strategies applicable to current and expected trends in the bullion market.

Why Invest in Silver?

Investing in silver is one way to get more value for your wealth. The basic idea is to buy silver, and then sell it later on for a higher price. Silver is purchased in the form of jewelleries or bullions. Silver jewelleries will not make a good investment as these cannot be resold with a mark-up, or at least at the original price.  On the other hand, silver bullions are 99% pure, can be easily stored, and provide a suitable investment over the long term.

The main factors that determine the price of silver are the supply and demand. When the supply of silver is not enough to accommodate the demand for it, the price of silver will rise. Silver is becoming more indispensable through the years. It is used in many electronic products, home equipment, medical apparatuses etc. With the need for all these devices continuing to upsurge, the demand for silver will follow suit. There can also be loses to expect when investing in silver. And while the profit is low compared to investing in other commodities, loses are also bearable.

The Silver Spot Chart 2013

It is easy to assume that the best time to buy silver is when the price is low. The price of silver stayed at around $30 per ounce this year. The prediction that the demand for silver will continue to go up, as well as the impact of recession, may keep the trade stable. Consumers will anticipate a decline in the supply of silver, and therefore will buy in bulk while the supply lasts. This can sound tempting to those who are planning to invest in silver. However, relying on pure words of mouth will do no good.

The silver spot chart live can tell the real deal about silver investing. Silver spot chart is your accurate basis for the actual price and value of silver, as well how the trade performed over a certain period. Because the figures are shown in real time, you are told of the present situation in the silver bullion market exactly as it happens. The silver spot chart is available in many websites. This is used as basis for predictions by specialists in the bullion market.

Precious Metals-Market Update

April 16th, 2013– Gold and silver  were battered by Friday’s and Monday’s very heavy selling in the futures markets. Gold dropped even more than $200 to $1,353 and silver fell virtually $4 to $22.79.

Bears piled on and required traders leveraged on the long side to surrender. Damaged technical support levels open the door to additional price weakness in the brief term.

The huge sell-off in gold and silver appears to have been driven by an unfavorable feedback loop in the paper markets. Falling costs triggered pre-set stop loss orders resulting in extra selling. There was bit in the headlines to clarify the huge move lower. As is common in the commodity markets, selling begets more selling and the utmost outcome is that the commodity gets vastly oversold.

In this case, nonetheless, both gold and silver crashed below significant levels of graph support from the previous two years. The metals in general and silver in certain are well-known for producing cost breakdowns that are extreme in magnitude but frequently brief in period. Gold dropped even more than $200 to $1,353 and silver fell nearly $4 to $22.79, however both metals have rebounded highly this early morning.

Silver Premiums Continue Rising and Stocks Get Even Tighter

Premiums for silver American Eagles and pre-1965 90 % coins both leapt substantially again last week however then availability of these products all however disappeared yesterday. We have actually previously stated the impact that lower spot prices have on the secondary market for 90 % coins (a preferred kind of silver that is no longer minted, naturally), along with the substantial need created for option products– like the preferred Silver Eagles– as a result. All of that enhanced need has actually caused major stockpiles at the mints as they attempt (and fail in the U.S. Mint’s case) to maintain.

Meanwhile, investors holding physical bullion are clearly not anxious to sell. They are waiting for higher costs, and last week’s waterfall decrease did not shake their resolve.

Silver rounds and bars are now the least backlogged and lowest premium kind of retail silver readily available Big quantities of offering in the futures markets usually leads to huge buying volume in the retail physical market. Friday’s action is an outstanding example. Independent Living Bullion customers got hundreds of ounces of gold and tens of hundreds of ounces in silver. How lots of customers offered metal? 2– for a grand total amount of 1 ounce of gold and 400 ounces of silver.

Without much bullion readily available in the secondary market, stress remains to rise on the mints and refiners producing brand-new coins, rounds, and bars. As pointed out above, U.S. Mint, in specific, is struggling to stay on par with need for Silver Eagles. ILB and other dealers are quoting 4-week lead times for shipment. Practically all other silver items now have distribution delays of 1-2 weeks too.

The existing dynamic is a reminder of exactly what took place in the bullion markets in 2008. Silver fell to $9/oz, however premiums increased to $4 to $5/oz, and customers typically waited months for shipment. We aren’t seeing those extremes yet, but the current cost action certainly isn’t really of any help.  The retail silver market has currently been tight for weeks even before this huge sell-off in the paper market.

Silver Investing Tips In Today’s Market

You may not have thought about silver investing but it does offer a good investment option. It may actually be the wisest move to meet your goal of making money. It offers a secure investment option that can truly pay off. While there is a good chance of great rewards, it cannot also be denied that there are certain risks involved as well.It is important that you set the right expectations. There is no real guarantee in silver investing. If you want to succeed, you have to go through the process cautiously. To truly gain an advantage in this opportunity, you should be well informed and mindful about your decisions every step of the way.

Study the business

Before you invest in silver, you have to make an effort to study the market and the business itself. What you have to keep in mind is that silver is different from paper assets. In this case, you have to perform due diligence at research. There are speculations surrounding this type of investment. Included in such speculations is the rising cost of this precious metal.The right education can help you move forward and get ahead in this investment. You have to make sure that you know just how the silver investment works. In this case, you will need the assistance of a professional who can teach you what is involved in the entire process of buying and selling. This way, you can know just what you need to do.

Learn more about the business

Knowing the basics is one thing. But your learning experience should not stop at this. You need to continue learning. This is the only way you will be able to distinguish real facts from misleading data which are needless to say, critical for good decision making.You have to remember that every mistake no matter how small can lead to financial losses. And this is the opposite of what you want. And that is to make money. There are numerous websites that you can use as references with the guidance of regarded experts in the field. You can use these sources to keep yourself updated and to keep an eye on the market with constant monitoring. Such knowledge is crucial for individuals like you, who decide to invest in silver.

For instance, you need to become well rounded with the silver spot chart. By knowing the actual prices of silver, you can then make better and more intelligent decisions. So, you have to make sure not to miss these details.

The Different Silver Investing Options

When you jump into this kind of opportunity, you have to know what your real objectives are. After which, you have to choosewhat method of investment can help you further your goals. There are plenty of methods you can take advantage of including putting your money in companies, purchasing silver coins, bullions and ETFs. The bottom line is that while there are no guarantees  in silver investing, you can gain a better advantage with proper education. This way, you can minimize losses and possibly grow your earnings.

An Overview of Spot Silver Price

An Overview of Spot Silver Price

Silver_bullion : 2011 Uncirculated American Silver Eagle Coins

Spot silver price refers to the price quoted by an institutional seller to an institutional buyer with an aim of delivering the metal within a 2-business day period. Note that the price of silver is constantly changing so you need to familiarize yourself about this if you plan  to make investments in this area. The spot price of silver which is also known as the metal’s cash price is also defined by many as the silver’s  exact cash price on a particular day. It is also known  as the current delivery price of an offered commodity which is presently traded in the spot market. If you plan to determine  the price or the value of silver, then be aware that you can do this by getting to know more about the spot price. You also need to remember that the value of this precious metal is perceived to rise and fall every day. This is the main reason why you need to  train yourself to deal with all these changes if you want to become an investor in silver.

Calculating the Spot Price of Silver

Spot silver price is mainly determined or computed using futures contracts. These contracts are traded similarly to stocks and other useful commodities. This type of contract works by exchanging the delivery of silver for a set price while also ensuring  that the exact details and quantity of the order are specified from one contract to another. If you are planning to learn more about how to compute spot silver price, then be aware that you can use the popular platform called commodities exchange (COMEX) which is mainly based in New York where most financial trading companies exist. You actually get the chance to determine the spot price of silver based on the specific trades that occur in COMEX. Each time a futures contract is being traded in New York or any other places in the world, the spot price for silver will also tend to adjust accordingly.

One of the major reasons why a futures contract is used in determining the spot silver price is that most traded volume of silver on a daily basis is actually done electronically rather than physically. Because of the electronic trades used  for this precious metal, it is safe to make an assumption that the futures market is capable of providing the most updated and accurate  prices for silver.

Factors that Affect Spot Silver Price

It should be noted that there are numerous factors that tend to affect the spot silver price. Among these factors are the following:

• Monetary Policy
• Rising or Higher Inflation
• US Dollar Value
• The Specific Market where the Silver is Traded
• Increased Demand for Jewelry
• General Global Uncertainty
• Global Economy Trend
• Major Uses of Silver
• Closure of Existing Mines
• Presence of New Mines

Silver_bullion : Stack of silver ingots with one golden

It is advisable for you to gather  information about each of the factors mentioned above as this will allow you to determine the most accurate spot silver price on a specific day or period.

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