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Precious Metals-Market Update

April 16th, 2013– Gold and silver  were battered by Friday’s and Monday’s very heavy selling in the futures markets. Gold dropped even more than $200 to $1,353 and silver fell virtually $4 to $22.79.

Bears piled on and required traders leveraged on the long side to surrender. Damaged technical support levels open the door to additional price weakness in the brief term.

The huge sell-off in gold and silver appears to have been driven by an unfavorable feedback loop in the paper markets. Falling costs triggered pre-set stop loss orders resulting in extra selling. There was bit in the headlines to clarify the huge move lower. As is common in the commodity markets, selling begets more selling and the utmost outcome is that the commodity gets vastly oversold.

In this case, nonetheless, both gold and silver crashed below significant levels of graph support from the previous two years. The metals in general and silver in certain are well-known for producing cost breakdowns that are extreme in magnitude but frequently brief in period. Gold dropped even more than $200 to $1,353 and silver fell nearly $4 to $22.79, however both metals have rebounded highly this early morning.

Silver Premiums Continue Rising and Stocks Get Even Tighter

Premiums for silver American Eagles and pre-1965 90 % coins both leapt substantially again last week however then availability of these products all however disappeared yesterday. We have actually previously stated the impact that lower spot prices have on the secondary market for 90 % coins (a preferred kind of silver that is no longer minted, naturally), along with the substantial need created for option products– like the preferred Silver Eagles– as a result. All of that enhanced need has actually caused major stockpiles at the mints as they attempt (and fail in the U.S. Mint’s case) to maintain.

Meanwhile, investors holding physical bullion are clearly not anxious to sell. They are waiting for higher costs, and last week’s waterfall decrease did not shake their resolve.

Silver rounds and bars are now the least backlogged and lowest premium kind of retail silver readily available Big quantities of offering in the futures markets usually leads to huge buying volume in the retail physical market. Friday’s action is an outstanding example. Independent Living Bullion customers got hundreds of ounces of gold and tens of hundreds of ounces in silver. How lots of customers offered metal? 2– for a grand total amount of 1 ounce of gold and 400 ounces of silver.

Without much bullion readily available in the secondary market, stress remains to rise on the mints and refiners producing brand-new coins, rounds, and bars. As pointed out above, U.S. Mint, in specific, is struggling to stay on par with need for Silver Eagles. ILB and other dealers are quoting 4-week lead times for shipment. Practically all other silver items now have distribution delays of 1-2 weeks too.

The existing dynamic is a reminder of exactly what took place in the bullion markets in 2008. Silver fell to $9/oz, however premiums increased to $4 to $5/oz, and customers typically waited months for shipment. We aren’t seeing those extremes yet, but the current cost action certainly isn’t really of any help.  The retail silver market has currently been tight for weeks even before this huge sell-off in the paper market.

Silver Investing Tips In Today’s Market

You may not have thought about silver investing but it does offer a good investment option. It may actually be the wisest move to meet your goal of making money. It offers a secure investment option that can truly pay off. While there is a good chance of great rewards, it cannot also be denied that there are certain risks involved as well.It is important that you set the right expectations. There is no real guarantee in silver investing. If you want to succeed, you have to go through the process cautiously. To truly gain an advantage in this opportunity, you should be well informed and mindful about your decisions every step of the way.

Study the business

Before you invest in silver, you have to make an effort to study the market and the business itself. What you have to keep in mind is that silver is different from paper assets. In this case, you have to perform due diligence at research. There are speculations surrounding this type of investment. Included in such speculations is the rising cost of this precious metal.The right education can help you move forward and get ahead in this investment. You have to make sure that you know just how the silver investment works. In this case, you will need the assistance of a professional who can teach you what is involved in the entire process of buying and selling. This way, you can know just what you need to do.

Learn more about the business

Knowing the basics is one thing. But your learning experience should not stop at this. You need to continue learning. This is the only way you will be able to distinguish real facts from misleading data which are needless to say, critical for good decision making.You have to remember that every mistake no matter how small can lead to financial losses. And this is the opposite of what you want. And that is to make money. There are numerous websites that you can use as references with the guidance of regarded experts in the field. You can use these sources to keep yourself updated and to keep an eye on the market with constant monitoring. Such knowledge is crucial for individuals like you, who decide to invest in silver.

For instance, you need to become well rounded with the silver spot chart. By knowing the actual prices of silver, you can then make better and more intelligent decisions. So, you have to make sure not to miss these details.

The Different Silver Investing Options

When you jump into this kind of opportunity, you have to know what your real objectives are. After which, you have to choosewhat method of investment can help you further your goals. There are plenty of methods you can take advantage of including putting your money in companies, purchasing silver coins, bullions and ETFs. The bottom line is that while there are no guarantees  in silver investing, you can gain a better advantage with proper education. This way, you can minimize losses and possibly grow your earnings.

An Overview of Spot Silver Price

An Overview of Spot Silver Price

Silver_bullion : 2011 Uncirculated American Silver Eagle Coins

Spot silver price refers to the price quoted by an institutional seller to an institutional buyer with an aim of delivering the metal within a 2-business day period. Note that the price of silver is constantly changing so you need to familiarize yourself about this if you plan  to make investments in this area. The spot price of silver which is also known as the metal’s cash price is also defined by many as the silver’s  exact cash price on a particular day. It is also known  as the current delivery price of an offered commodity which is presently traded in the spot market. If you plan to determine  the price or the value of silver, then be aware that you can do this by getting to know more about the spot price. You also need to remember that the value of this precious metal is perceived to rise and fall every day. This is the main reason why you need to  train yourself to deal with all these changes if you want to become an investor in silver.

Calculating the Spot Price of Silver

Spot silver price is mainly determined or computed using futures contracts. These contracts are traded similarly to stocks and other useful commodities. This type of contract works by exchanging the delivery of silver for a set price while also ensuring  that the exact details and quantity of the order are specified from one contract to another. If you are planning to learn more about how to compute spot silver price, then be aware that you can use the popular platform called commodities exchange (COMEX) which is mainly based in New York where most financial trading companies exist. You actually get the chance to determine the spot price of silver based on the specific trades that occur in COMEX. Each time a futures contract is being traded in New York or any other places in the world, the spot price for silver will also tend to adjust accordingly.

One of the major reasons why a futures contract is used in determining the spot silver price is that most traded volume of silver on a daily basis is actually done electronically rather than physically. Because of the electronic trades used  for this precious metal, it is safe to make an assumption that the futures market is capable of providing the most updated and accurate  prices for silver.

Factors that Affect Spot Silver Price

It should be noted that there are numerous factors that tend to affect the spot silver price. Among these factors are the following:

• Monetary Policy
• Rising or Higher Inflation
• US Dollar Value
• The Specific Market where the Silver is Traded
• Increased Demand for Jewelry
• General Global Uncertainty
• Global Economy Trend
• Major Uses of Silver
• Closure of Existing Mines
• Presence of New Mines

Silver_bullion : Stack of silver ingots with one golden

It is advisable for you to gather  information about each of the factors mentioned above as this will allow you to determine the most accurate spot silver price on a specific day or period.

Understanding Spot Silver

Understanding Spot Silver

Silver_bullion : Macro stack of all the US coins circulating in USA from dollar and half dollar coin to cent

Before understanding what spot silver is, it is first important to define what spot is. Spot refers to the price for immediate cash settlement thus it is the cash price of buying commodities such as silver on a trading day. In other words, it is the current delivery cost of silver traded on a spot market.

You can use the Spot Silver which can be found online if you want to know the current value of silver. You will see how its value fluctuates every day. Usually, the value will not alter.

Even during the ancient times, silver has been valuable. Its spot or cash value has reached around sixteen dollars for every ounce as of 2009. In the 1950s, it was only a dollar for every ounce.

It can be hard to purchase silver at its spot price because every dealer wishes to obtain a profit from it. It is these dealers who are able to buy spot silver as they know the right sources. However, if you have immediate cash in your hands and you have the skill to negotiate prices, you can purchase silver at its spot or current price.

How to Buy Silver at it Spot Price

Learn to study the market selling silver. Know its price trends and present value. Remember that silver’s spot price may alter every minute all throughout the trading day.

Have cash in your hand always. You need to be prepared to buy silver with cash so as to get its present price on the market. When you have money to instantly buy silver, this is referred to as “cash on the barrel head”.

Get in touch with as many large dealers of coins in your neighborhood. Inform them that you would like to purchase at the smallest value old silver coins. Inform them that you will pay instant cash for this. Choose the dealers that will sell you their coins at the spot price. If they will not give them to you at the current price, go to those that offer a price near the spot price. When you buy such coins, have a calculator at hand. Bear in mind that old U.S. silver coins are almost 90% silver therefore a hundred ounces of these coins is equal to ninety ounces of real silver.

Negotiation is an Effective Tool

Always learn to negotiate the best price possible. The dealer would wish to get as much profit as he can receive from the market thus he will try to add more to the spot price. Tell him you have immediate cash for the spot price.

Look for another coin dealer if the initial dealer you contact does not give in to the price you offer. Always know the present price of silver if you want to buy during the trading day. Prices change every minute and hour.

You can also ask people you know if they know of old silver coin dealers who give a minimal price. Try looking for jewelers in your neighborhood who may sell their silver at a small price or they may know of silver coin dealers who give them at a spot price.

With these tips, you may be able to buy silver at the spot silver price in no time.

Spot Silver How To Invest In Silver

How to Go About Silver Investing

The information below should provide a helpful overview about the things you need to go through to make a proper purchase of silver.  Take note of various investment forms.  It is strongly recommended that you take time to study or be familiar with the different ways by which you can invest in this precious metal. Basically, it can be bought in bullion bars, nuggets and even bullion coins. It is a good idea to browse online to gain much needed information about these forms. It is also advised that you consult dealers and retailers with regard to this matter.

After gaining an understanding on the advantages and corresponding drawbacks of investing in each silver form, you should be able to determine what can work best for your specific circumstance. Once you have decides on this matter, you can then move on to the next step which involves dealing with authorized retailers and dealers.  Find out where you can buy the silver.
There is a list of authorized dealers that you can refer to when deciding where to buy the metal. You can avail of the bar or coin forms from these dealers. What is important here is that you properly identify which ones have authorization and which ones offer a particularly risky transaction. It is in your best interest to avoid the latter at all cost.

One way of ensuring that you are transacting with a reputable dealer is to do a background check. You should look particularly into the years they have been in business. More information shall be available online and you should make an effort to get the real deal about the dealer before proceeding with the transaction.

Assess the purity.

Purity can determine the real value of the metal either in bars or in coins. And this is one of the things that you have to be well educated about. This can help you determine whether you are asked to spend more when the bullion actually costs less. In other words, it is essential that you know how to identify purity to avoid being taken advantage of or risking more losses than gains in the investment.  The purity simply refers to the amount of silver present in the bullion. Some may indicate 999.00 which simply mean the bullion possesses 99 percent of purity. But in reality, others can be availed of higher purity.
Refer to the spot silver price.
The silver spot price is used as a benchmark for the final cost of the bullion. And again, this is one of the things that you have to be well aware of. There are various websites that provide the information and you can simply check them out. Usually the spot silver price determines the cost per ounce. Check out the conversions and make proper calculations before agreeing on the final prices for silver as offered by the dealer.

It is also advisable that you study other methods of investing in silver. By educating yourself more about this investment method, you can come up with well informed decisions that can help determine your success in this kind of venture.

What You Need to Know About Spot Price of Silver

You may be wondering, is silver a good investment? The answer is actually simple and it is no longer as shocking as before. Indeed, it is in an investor’s best interest to allot some of his resources to buy silver bullion. But like any other modes of investment, your success can be determined by how much you know about the market, particularly how well you know the spot price for silver.

What does spot price silver mean?

Because your profits in the investment is based on price for silver, you should pay close attention to this so called spot price. Simply put, this is the cost as quoted by an institutional seller to a buyer that expects a delivery in two business days. Spot price basically refers to the cost of the precious metal in cash.

Where are these metals traded?

There are basically various exchanges worldwide. These institutions include the New York mercantile Exchange, the Tokyo Commodity Exchange, the London Bullion Market Association and the Australian Securities Exchange among others. Each of these exchange institutions employ their own specific methods that allow them to arrive at a fixed price to buy silver bullion. The fixed cost is established by the most prominent trading members that composing the exchange.

After the fixed price is determined, it automatically becomes a basis in identifying the spot price for silver and there are two ways spot price silver can go. One is through an ask method or a bid method. Those interested to buy silver bullion can make a request for the spot price. And in the same way, those interested in selling can bid. All these pieces of information are accessible online in a real time basis.

What else do you need to know about spot price for silver?

There are differences in what institutions and small investors can avail of. In general, big institutions have a greater advantage as they are allowed to trade large amounts of bullion under the spot price provided in a day. On the other hand, investors who can only afford smaller quantities have to avail or buy silver bullion at a slightly higher cost over the preferred spot price.

Finally, the spot price for silver is not exactly a fixed amount where all trades will be based on. As a matter of fact, it simply serves as a guideline or a benchmark that the final price for silver will be based on. It is far from being a absolute price that has to be followed strictly on every transaction that involves the buying and selling of the precious metal.

This is understandable as there are numerous other factors that can affect the pricing of bullion. In other words, you can always refer to spot price silver but it does not necessarily equate to the final price for silver. While you can use it as reference, you should not take it as it is. As it turns out, each transaction can vary in so many aspects and that is what you need to study further.

Silver Investing Updates

Well, it looks like precious metals managed to eke out a win this week, even though it was a small one. As a matter of fact, the main thing you could say about these commodities at this time is that the only certainty is uncertainty in the marketplace.

Silver dropped by $.42 today to close at $30.44. This is a 1.36% loss, although it’s a gain for the week on the whole. All in all, the commodity rose by $.26 this week.

At the lowest point of the day, our favorite precious metal traded for $30.07. And at its highest point, it went for as much as $30.97.

Let’s take a look at some of the news that took place during the week…

For starters, the euro had a very strong week and precious metals were able to capitalize on the strength by rising in value.

But unfortunately, they fell on Friday and basically erased the majority of the gains earned earlier in the week.

Trading was very choppy this week, and many of the market participants believe that precious metals will be the same as of next week, which is ultimately range bound.

One of the reasons for weakness in precious metals is that several analysts downgraded their expectations of the upcoming fourth quarter GDP in the US after they saw the release of the monthly trade data. We learn this from Dan Pavilonis, who is a senior commodities broker with RJO Futures.

Pavilonis also believes that gold will stay range bound next week, between the amounts of $1640 – $1680. He also wasn’t very happy with the way the market acted to close out the week.

“You know, given that the dollar is down, the euro is up, the Fed is printing (money), there is easy monetary policy everywhere – two years ago this would have been the perfect situation for the market to go higher, but it’s not. The market feels weak, not extremely weak, but that it just doesn’t have enough momentum to go higher,” said Pavilonis.

So take it as you will. That’s one opinion of an expert trader.


In gold news, Comex gold futures were solidly higher today at the end of their session. As a matter of fact, February gold traded up $22.20 an ounce to reach the level of $1677.70.

There was plenty of upbeat comments coming from the European Central Bank President Mario Drahgi during the monthly press conference. He spoke about the European Union’s financial and economic prospects.

This put strong downside price pressure on the US dollar, and the Euro currency rallied on Thursday.

This speech is basically what gave the added boost to precious metals and the metals market, even though they had modest gains early on Thursday morning.

If you couple this news with a downbeat US weekly jobless claims report, you’ll recognize that it’s the culprit for the pressure on the greenback and the support in the metals market.

To provide you with the specifics, the US dollar index was sharply lower this Thursday and it lost all of its recent technical momentum.

On the other hand, Nymex crude oil futures were much higher today, and they also hit a fresh three-month high.

The crude oil bulls have the upside near-term technical momentum going in their favor right now.

Both crude oil and the US dollar have an impact on the precious metals market. In today’s trading, they both positively affected metals, which is part of the reason why they went up nicely in value on this day.

That’s all we have for the news.  Check back and Have A Great Day.

Tips and Suggestions About Silver Investing


A lot of experts recognize the many advantages of silver investing. More and more investors as a matter of fact, move to this investment vehicle instead of relying solely on the more conservative methods of investing. As experts recommend, it will be wise to allocate some of the assets into precious metals.

Why you should consider this form of investment?

Because there are certain economic risks that put financial assets in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, CDs and other commonly utilized vehicles, investors are looking for alternative ways. And this is where silver comes in.
This is not to say that there are virtually no risks in silver investing. As a matter of fact, as silver prices can attest to, the market also has a tendency to fluctuate. But in general, as a tangible commodity, individuals and institutions alike find it logical to allocate some of their finances to this precious metal.
The readings and references you may have encountered stir interest in you to ponder and consider the idea of silver investing. But as what you ought to do in making any form of investment, you need to take your time to educate yourself about the process first. Although this metal is generally less costly than gold or any other investment vehicles for that matter, does not mean you should be |less cautious in your decision making. Instead, it should always be in your best interest to make the most out of the investment.
Learn the facts.

The truth is silver investing may not be as easy as it sounds. It could be easy in a way as it is considered one of the least expensive ways of making investments. However, it does not necessarily mean profits come easy. Make it a point to set proper expectation and learn all the facts, including the advantages and disadvantages before you jump on to the silver bandwagon.
Be up to date on silver prices.

To gain a better advantage in this venture, you have to take your time and exert some effort in education. For instance, it is a must that you become well aware of silver price predictions including the silver price per ounce. It is also important that you understand where such figures and numbers are coming from. In other words, it is not just enough that you put your money in silver. You also need to invest your time and energy in understanding all matters relating to it.
Explore other options.

There are various methods that can help you get into this kind of investment. It is not just about taking ownership of the tangible form of silver. As an alternative, you can explore ETFs that will allow you to make indirect investments. Knowing your options well should allow you to determine the most suitable form of investment for your particular needs.
Information can be your advantage not only in the matter concerning silver investing but in any investment vehicles for that matter. So, before you make any move, you should make it a point to be knowledgeable about the venture you are about to put your money in.

Top Benefits of Silver Investing

silver spot chart

There are a couple of reasons why an investor should consider silver investing. For one, silver bullion is a tangible asset unlike stocks, bonds and other forms of investment. It has also become one of the most essential commodities at play the precious metals trade and market. Moreover, with the addition of this metal into the portfolio, you can be assured of diversity which will then serve to protect your investment in case of a fluctuation. Below are more reasons why invest in silver.

Move against economic forces.

What makes other investment instruments quite risky is that they so much rely on the economic movement. These financial assets are commonly dependent on what the various forces in the economy dictate. This creates a volatile environment that puts your finances at great risk.  With this precious metal however, you are no longer at the mercy of the volatile financial market. While there are corresponding forces that determine prices of silver, they are often varies from what puts your financial assets at stake. This kind of movement in the silver spot chart is independent and thereby, brings a balance to your overall portfolio investment.

It works against inflation.

Because of inflation the value of dollar depreciates. In contrast, the value of silver bullion is only expected to appreciate over time. With the incessant threat of inflation and recession, you can count on silver investing to stabilize if not save you from great risk or at least reduce your losses if you indeed resort to this method of diversifying your portfolio.

Spread you assets.

There is one major reason why investment experts encourage silver bullion investments. As a matter of fact, they strongly recommend that every investor should allocate at least 10 or up to 15 percent to precious metals. The reason why invest in silver is to have a secure foundation and decrease the overall risk that every investment is exposed to. Allocating some of your investment in bullion is a wise move that [applies to|concerns] both an aggressive and conservative type of investor.

Possession of bullion is quite convenient.

Another major reason why it is beneficial to put some of your money in silver bullion is that owning some proves no hassle at all. It does not require much for you to take possession of this precious metal. And this ease of ownership definitely adds to the appeal of silver investing.

Inexpensive prices of silver.

The bullion form is one of the least expensive ways of taking ownership of this precious metal. Moreover, you will find it easy to locate silver spot chart references. They are easy to trade internationally as well as they are easily converted to cash and they are equally and easily negotiable.

Count on the great demand.

Silver bullion as a commodity is widely [utilized|used]. This means there is a great demand for these metals and it does not merely depend on one industry. For instance, it is utilized by the jewelry industry as well as in several other productions. It actually spreads across industries and such makes it indispensable. And that is a major reason why invest in silver.

A Brief History of Silver In The US


The year was 1857 and 2 brothers, Ethan Allen Grosh and Hosea Ballou Grosh are prospecting for gold in the hills of Nevada. The brothers are difficult working mineralogists and sons of a preacher back in Philadelphia who had actually come west along with millions of others when gold was uncovered some years earlier. Having excavated a number of spots on their claim, the brothers dug yet another exploratory bore hole in a spot they felt provided opportunity. When they pulled out the sample and examined it, they did certainly locate trace elements of gold, however exactly what was far a lot more amazing for them was the tough bluish rock that turned up alongside the flecks of gold. Instantly the brothers acknowledged it as sulphate of silver and the abundance suggested they ‘d discovered something massive.

Quick forward to today and silver has come to be an unseen, however significant component of our ever before developing modern technology driven world. Anywhere you look you now see people with cellular phone. Over the last five years, cell phone penetration in the United States has actually gone from simply under 80 % to in excess of 100 %! There are now significantly a lot more energetic cell phones in America than Americans and each one of those gadgets on normal uses 250mg of silver. With over 1.6 billion mobile phones produced each year, that requires 13 million ounces (Moz) of silver.

The quantity of silver used in cell phone mobiles today is extremely small when compared with the amount used in thick movie picture voltaics. As the globe has become much more energy aware and greenhouse gas emissions are a significant issue for most governments, production and application of solar panels has increased considerably. The photo voltaic movie used in those panels calls for 250g per cell of which there are dozens on a solitary panel. Current production of photo voltaic thick film utilized over 3 times the quantity of silver as cell phones can be found in at 47Moz.

Computers, automobiles and batteries are all typical, every day things that have significant quantities of silver utilized in them mostly for the electrical contacts as silver is an excellent conductor. However, the greatest breakthrough that will inevitably drive industrial silver need and the costs on the silver spot chart is nanosilver. Nanosilver is basically just extremely small fragments of silver being separated and utilized at a tiny level.

Possibly the most fascinating use of nanosilver that is starting to have widescale circulation and usage is in the medical field. Silver is an exceptional antisceptic treatment broker and serves as an anti-fungal broker. You could now go to your regional pharmacy and you ought to be able to find package deals of band-aids that have nanosilver in the wound protection area as the silver will certainly promote a lot faster recovering and guarantee the wound is less likely to become contaminated.

Presently industrial use takes up 55 % of all the silver mined in an offered year and this figure is rising. This figure is particular to rise as the industrial need for silver in semiconductors, electric cars and solar panels boosts over the next years.